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Nolan is back from training!

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Questiondon't mean to be rude but what do you do that makes you so much dough. everything you do is expensive Answer

What did I do that was expensive? I feel like I don’t really post much here. /curious

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Questionwhat is your workout routine because your body is perfect Answer

I’ve actually lost around 17 pounds since I started working out. I just do what my trainer tells me to

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Nala & Ninja passed their basic obedience test! Now they are on to advanced obedience.

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QuestionWhat brand are your black and white swim trunks? They're super cute and juuuust slutty enough ;) Answer


I should change my profile picture…

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I’m not sure if I can pull off this shirt…

Refreshing Apple.com until it lets me preorder my iPhone 6 Plus.

The two best friends on the way to doggy boot camp!